A new report confirms LG phone G8 will not support 5G networks

Revealed new leaks about the plans of LG for the official announcement about Need possible LG G8 during the month of March, where the company offers a new separate version of smartphones at MWC 2019, which is characterized by the support networks of the fifth generation.


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Based on the Giants of the manufacturing of the phone to release versions that support networks of the fifth generation in the first half of 2019, which is expected to see the launch of the first versions of Huawei, Samsung along with OnePlus share.

Have indicated previous leaks that the phones 5G offering from Samsung and LG at the MWC show that takes place in the month of February, however, a new report published recently pointed out that the LG will have new plans for versions next year.

According to the report, LG will not offer a new version that supports networks of the fifth generation of the G series, where he is due to apply phone, LG G8 separately later in the month of March, to be submitted at the exhibition MWC version 5G which projections also indicated that it would be a new product line of the company.

Also provided that the phone supports LG G8 networks to 4G/LTE only, as projections indicate that LG launches phone 5G brand new to focus on the market of networks of the fifth generation in the next period, is also expected to reveal the LG phone Q9 in the exhibition MWC the year 2019, which houses the processor chip LG Q9, with random memory in bytes RAM, battery capacity of 3000 mAh.


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