A new record. The number of Bitcoin addresses with a sum of 0.1 BTC is actively growing

From the beginning of April Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies started to show signs of life. It seems that the bear market is already far behind, and most analysts have recorded a bottom at the level of 3,200 USD. Bitcoin now entrenched at levels that were not more than a year, and investors fear that they will not be lucky enough to buy on the next pullback. Because it may not happen.

Given the rapid growth of Bitcoin and altcoins, there have been many headlines about the next high. While captainvalor and Hodler argue about the next level of support, new records are set straight in front of us.

Wallet for Bitcoin. New successes

In fact, in the world there can be only 210 million wallets that store is 0.1 BTC. One of the main advantages of Bitcoin is its deficient character in the history the first cryptocurrency to be produced only 21 million coins. With several million coins will be permanently blocked in purses, which I forgot the passwords.

This device generates periodic “bubbles” in the price of Bitcoin, and perhaps that’s why it is the fastest growing financial asset in the world. It is because of this characteristic captainvalor happy to high, which seemingly has nothing to do with the price of the asset.

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According to co-founder Coinmetrics.io nick Carter, was recorded the highest figure for the number of wallets that hold a minimum of 0.1 BTC. Of course, the major media are silent about such milestones, because the events do not seem as important as the breakdown of the prices in 20 thousand dollars.

However, this figure screams at us that more and more people are interested in Bitcoin. More and more enthusiasts come to the stage of accumulation. Accordingly, reducing the number of short positions on Bitcoin in combination with its scarce characteristics should trigger another growth asset.

What do you think, what is important is whether a measure of moment for Bitcoin? Share your opinion and get other interesting information happens in our cryptodata of hontarov.

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