A new promotional video from Samsung lets Galaxy Fold expression of the Tend his own


The future arrived, but without a lot of fuss. Samsung published a video clip on YouTube under the title ” know the Galaxy Fold“, which is the video is almost completely calm. All you hear is the sound of folding open the phone and when they start shipping the smartwatch Galaxy Watch Active thanks to wireless charging technology reverse Wireless PowerShare.

Detailed unique allows slow opening the phone smoothly with the screen protection to make it not make a sound. You can customize the cover of this joint. Since you’re going to be the 1980 US dollars for your phone, you may also get on other things.

Then there are cameras, you can capture images using one camera in the front when the phone is switched off or take a picture using the rear camera of the tripartite lens of the wide, and very wide, in addition to telephoto lens. If the phone is open, there is a dual front camera new can be used instead of those located at the outer side of the device. You may want to make the phone open even when you are taking pictures using the rear camera, the large folding that with a size of 7.3 inches make the task of picture framing is easy and fun.

We believe that the lender does not need to speak when the phone says that it ” gorgeous ” silently. But there are a lot of smart phones folding competition, which will be released soon, will be the real battle is to bring these innovative designs to the market.

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