A new partnership between the HMD and Pixelworks will change the future of the screens in the Nokia phones !

Announced the HMD Global, the Finnish company responsible for the smart phone industry than Nokia, they have expanded their partnership with Pixelworks, one of the largest companies in the field of the processing of the visual display and offer sophisticated solutions in the video industry, which would change the future of the Nokia phones full.

The first product which benefited from the cooperation between the two companies is a Nokia device 7.1 which includes screen PureDisplay great viewing experience, this is also the first smartphone processor uses Iris generation last year of Pixelworks chipset Snapdragon 636 from Qualcomm to provide the optical performance is exceptional on the LCD screen.

And my screen PureDisplay those on the technology of Pixelworks that distinguish a smartphone from the rest of the phones category is expected, thanks to the design of the HDR rebel who offers a viewing experience enhanced when you watch videos or pictures HDR10, in addition to the improvements to clarity, contrast, what makes the Nokia phone 7.1 is far from being just a mid-range smartphone as any phone in its class.

Finally, the Declaration refers to that all the new phones from Nokia will get all on the screen PureDisplay of Pixelworks, together with all the improvements of the video and animation provided by the company, which will change the look of users to the Nokia phones available.

Will reveal the Nokia new smartphone on February 24, and will protect this screen with the rumors about the camera five way, so we eagerly await to see rates Nokia this month!

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