A new message from Apple users iPhone 5

Enjoy the Apple TV has a proven track record is commendable when it comes to adopting the latest versions of operating systems, but you may feel the owners of models iPhone old that they are in limbo and that the company is trying to force them to buy a new phone when you exclude them from the major updates, this is not the case now.

Alerted Apple users of iPhone 5 to update the system to version iOS 12.3.4 before the deadline on November 3, otherwise will them connect to the internet.

Strange that the update with respect to correcting the work of the GPS feature, in order to avoid the problem of migrating time, where Will Apple re-format plug, which retains the time, this means the loss of time information, and in turn makes the application of isolated feature location, time, and also a lot of features that need internet connection, unless the system is updated.

For more on the need to update under the Apple that the representative will not have access to the App Store and iCloud services, e-mail, web browsing, and many other features that can be cleared in that the user can’t connect to the internet in any way.

The deadline for the update will not burn the user of iPhone 5, of update later, but so to say a backup of the data on the bus I can get her back when you update; but the material makes the update process is complex, where you will not can be completed in the usual way after cutting off internet connection, it ask to connect the phone to the computer and restore copy data, and then continue the update process. To find out more about this horoscope source.

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