A new memory of Lex support up to 10 fingerprint

ذاكرة جديدة من ليكسار تدعم حتى 10 بصمات

The increasing demand in the recent times the security standards of electronic information especially after the increasing use of electronic means and the high importance of the information circulating on them, but still there are treatment is very important it is to raise safety standards and reduce the time it takes to use it, in other words to provide maximum security against theft and piracy and to provide quick access to information through a few steps of the owner.

Here Comes the power of the new version of the flash memory of the new company Lex media S. A, specialized in the manufacture of storage products, the new release holds the name “JumpDrive Fingerprint F35 USB 3.0” which is considered the documented fingerprint to protect your personal data, support the reader insight located in flash memory, the new speed of data transfer up to 150 MB/s and can identify the fingerprint of a person in less than one second in addition to its capacity for 10 fingerprints are different, this can be shared between more than one person at the same time. Dependent mechanism of encryption and protection to encryption standard 256-bit AES.

According to a report published earlier on the website “9to5Mac” the flash memory of the new distance of 32 GB available for pre-booking on the website of Amazon’s famous compared to about 33 USD, but there is no clear information about the date of shipping and delivery, and also other low of 64, 128 and 256 GB at 50, 90 and 170 USD only will be provided for them during the next few months.

Although, according to officials of the company Lex media, flash memory-new “JumpDrive” of the company supports the operating systems Windows and Mac, except that in the case of owning a computer Mac does not contain the USB port of release 3.0, you will be unable to use the flash memory without use of the adapter “dongle”.

It is likely to be a step the new company towards the production of her memory flash and storage support the new USB “TYPE C” as a convenience to users of the owners of the computers, whether Windows or Mac in addition to the possibility to connect it on smart phones which support the feature USB On-The-Go via a direct plug into the phone port.

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