A new McDonald’s restaurant is almost indistinguishable from the Apple Store

Apple opened several of their retail shops the new generation. They emit a large amount of glass, of wood, including live trees, and a style of Apple design, but if you are staying in Chicago, will go into the building, which will be discussed below, you can instead an Apple Store to be in a McDonald’s restaurant.

The glass cube is the unofficial symbol of the Apple Store, but in this glass cube sell hamburgers and French fries. For glass walls and lots of wooden elements. At the same time, McDonald’s, as well as Apple friendly to the environment. It grows on live trees inside the restaurant and on the roof.

Confuses the fact that the Apple stores started to make a lot of seats for people who wish to take part in the events from Apple, or just relax and get acquainted with new products. As you can see, the McDonald’s restaurant is also a lot of seats. They are designed for those who will be there.

The fast food restaurant is open seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day. This differs from the Apple stores. Our Telegram Channel is also open seven days a week. Join.

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