A new lawsuit against Google company due to the tracking of users ‘ locations

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I was tracking the site a controversial feature in the smart phones since its release. While mainly used to determine the user’s location for the purposes of development, it is understandable why there are some people who may feel uncomfortable about companies that know their locations all the time.

Has increased it got worse recently when it turns out that the company Google has continued to seemingly track the users location even when you disable the feature, and this is what resulted in the lifting of a lawsuit against the company. The Napoleon Patacsil from the city of San Diego recently filed a lawsuit against Google because of deceptive business practices, stating that the company violated Federal Law.

Came in the lawsuit : ” Google accounted explicitly for users of the operating system and applications to activate certain settings will track the geographic locations of the users. This representation was false. Despite the attempts of users to protect the privacy of their sites, Google aggregates data of user locations and, thus invading users ‘ expectations of reasonable privacy-related, and contrary to the representations Google about how to set up users of Google products to prevent such egregious violations of privacy “.

There are plans to turn this lawsuit into a class-action lawsuit will change the iPhone users and Android alike. Didn’t know Google yet on this lawsuit, but the company has undertaken a re-formulation of the context tracking their own location to make the language used clearer, even if nothing has changed from her side.


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