A new lawsuit against Apple due to the wrong size for advertising and promotional misleading

iPhone XS Max

For a company as big as Apple, it is common to be exposed to a lot of lawsuits. It seems that in this particular case is accused of faking the truth. As a result, it is likely that this judicial conflict to the occurrence of some of the changes interesting on the way that market by Apple for its products.

In fact, I’ve been in the last week filed a lawsuit against Apple in District Court in California by two plaintiffs who are accusing Apple of faking some facts about the iPhone X and iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Reference is made in this lawsuit that Apple has to rely on some of the numbers are correct in the promotion of the identity of its modern smart screens, Retina used. Hope the school boards raise the level of the suit to become a class-action lawsuit.

We urge you to read the document yourself, they are torn between some logical arguments and some calculations and recognise some of the answer is technology for OLED. In short, these are all the charges for Apple :

  • The logo marketing for Apple’s ” full screen ” is not technically correct, due to the presence within the perimeter of the network, in addition to pieces.
  • Designed most of the promotional photos for Apple, advertising, backgrounds, angles, purposefully to hide the widget in the screen.
  • Apple states that the screen resolution of iPhone X $ 2436 x 1125 pixels, this is not technically correct because the widget, round corners take up 120 pixels vertically of precision as advertised.
  • The largest space in the screen usable by the applications on the iPhone X is approximately 2195 x 1125 pixels, or about 10 percent less than 2436×1125 pixels advertised.
  • Is the declaration wrong on the that the diameter of the screen with 5.8 inch, while a diameter of 5.6875-inch, approx. Every angle, reducing the diameter by about 1/16 of an inch.
  • Is advertising falsely that the screen of the iPhone X has strictly higher than those found in the iPhone 8 Plus, which is not true at the level of the sub-pixel, since the pixels in OLED screens is ” wrong ” and the pixels of sub-only unlike the three pixels in the LCD screen used in the phone the iPhone 8 Plus. This means that the iPhone X owns 5481000 sub-pixel, while the iPhone 8 Plus about 6220800 sub-pixel on the iPhone 8 Plus. Before taking into account the screen resolution wrong.


Anyway, in addition to the problem is ridiculous with the number of pixels of the sub-OLED display estimates of the areas of the rectangular applicable, it appears that there are some valid points about misleading advertising. Let’s just say that the choice Apple Health and backgrounds of the promotional was successful in hiding the widget located at the top of the screen. Generally, I’ve just been raised this lawsuit, so we’ll have to wait for some time before we know more about the outcome of this case in the future, but we promise to update the site immediately connected us more details.



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