A new lawsuit against Apple because of a bug in talks FaceTime collective


Recently, there was a report about a bug in talks FaceTime collective allow users to listen to other people without their knowledge. Since then, Apple has disable this feature temporarily, but unfortunately this is not enough because according to a new report released today from the news agency Bloomberg, it seems that a lawsuit has been filed against Apple because of this bug.

Been lifted of this lawsuit by Attorney Larry Williams II, who says in the lawsuit that the iPhone may have allowed for an unknown person. listening to the testimony of a juror during testimony. Called Larry Williams II now to get punitive damages, not specific with the allegations of ” negligence, product liability, and misrepresentation, breach of the terms of the warranty “.

Didn’t want Apple to this lawsuit up to now, we have this is the only person. Adding insult to injury is the fact that it was notified Apple of this bug since more than a week. It was said that one of the teenagers discovered this back when I was trying to setup a group chat on FaceTime during a game Fortnite.

After that, try the teenager and his mother to communicate with the Apple TV several times, but they felt in the end that Apple didn’t take their words seriously. Why is Apple firmly with this defect only after the news spread on social media. There is currently no information about the date of the issuance of the fix for this bug, but in the meantime you can go ahead and disable the feature FaceTime to fix all the errors in this feature.

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