A new image to the base wireless charging AirPower appear on the official site of Apple


Although Apple did not officially confirm when are you launching the base wireless charging AirPower, but that there is evidence and rumors suggest that it will happen soon. In fact, according to the website MacRumors, has discovered that within the source code to Apple official website, there is a reference to the new image to the base wireless charging AirPower, this picture is the same that you see above.

I didn’t see this picture before, which means that we can only assume that it will be used when it is launched this supplement. This picture shows us also that it is not canceled device AirPower because why would Apple create a new image for a product is not planning on releasing it, Alice?

Unfortunately, the picture does not tell us with the launch of the base wireless charging AirPower, but hopefully that’s done soon. What is interesting in this picture is that compared to other images that have been posted in the past, these images show the iPhone XS and AirPods, with the disappearance of the Apple Watch vaguely.

We’re not sure if this is an indication that the wireless charger AirPower will not be able to charge the Apple Watch or what if this was just an alternate image, but in both cases, we will have to wait for a while before to make sure everything. In the meantime, Apple launched the second generation of earphones AirPods along with a new box does not support wireless charging.


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