A new form of matter may be beyond the periodic table

Currently, the heaviest element on the periodic table is ohannesson with an atomic mass of 294. He received the official title in 2016. As every element on the periodic table, Oganessian all of its mass is from the protons and neutrons (baryons), which are themselves composed of three quarks each. Important detail all known baryonic matter that its quarks are holding on so tight due to the strong forces that cannot be separated. Particles created by bound quarks (like proton and neutron) are called hadrons, respectively, and baryonic matter, they are educated, called hadron.

But ohannesson may be the last of its kind. In the new work, scientists predict that items with weight more than 300 can consist of free-flowing “top” and “bottom” quarks — that make up protons and neutrons, not related three. A new type of matter, “matter from the top and bottom quarks”, or udQM is stable for extremely heavy elements that can exist beyond the present periodic table. If you make it on Earth, quark matter may become a new source of energy.

The possibility that heavy baryonic matter has udQM as a primary condition and not the hadrons, has been described in the work of Bob Holdom, Jing Ren and Cheng Zhang in Physical Review Letters.

The idea that quark matter can form the basis of baryonic matter, is not new. In the famous article of 1984, physicist Edward Witten suggested that strange quark matter (SQM) can play this role. However, SQM is composed of comparable amounts top, bottom and strange quarks. One of the results of a recent study was that of the quark matter without strange quarks, or udQM, has lower bulk energy for a baryon than SQM or hadronic matter, which makes it energetically preferable.

“The physicists have searched for decades SQM. According to our information, a search could be carried out in all the wrong places”, said the scientists. If udQM will be able to find and produce, it can become a new source of energy.

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