A new feature of “YouTube” to increase the profits of the makers of the video

After repeated complaints from the makers of the video platform “youtube” YouTube, after the change of the recent policies show ads, from the low profits of views, decided to YouTube add a new property can increase the profits of the users of the platform.

According to the official announcement of the site, can for the videos on its platform to get extra profits in return for registering, viewers in the channel to get exclusive content, and pay $ 4.99 per month (90 EGP), which is the same way to funding made available by the earlier sites to view videos, such as Patrick of Patreon, Twitter and Twitch.

“Youtube” that participants will have access to badges exclusive badges and symbols expressive (image), videos, exclusive, as will enable the owners of the video display of goods for sale down their videos, as well as hosting presentations are broadcast live on their channel, they know where the latest their hands both happy with the teachers directly.

The “YouTube” increasing competition, most recently the Declaration of “Facebook” Facebook “Instagram T-in” Instagram TV, IGTV, on Wednesday last, and its for making videos in order to raise their business, which is expected to allow Facebook to soon share ad revenue with the owners of the videos.

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