A new feature of Gmail: “this message will destroy itself after 3..2..1”

Do you remember the series of action movies of the famous “mission: difficult” Mission Impossible, when he was Agent Ethan hunt (Tom Cruise) receives the instructions of his intelligence on the cassette tape destroys itself after hearing to maintain confidentiality. Now you can do the same thing with messages Gmail Gmail thanks to a new feature unveiled by Google.

Google releases the property to its new name “speed mode” Confidential Mode, which you can adjust the duration of the specified time, it is then deleted automatically from the e-mail of the addressee, and also gives you the possibility to put the code, it is sent to the mobile phone number of the addressee, nor is the perusal of the message only enter this code.

Does not require the use of a property “speed mode” of Google’s own mail on the Gmail Gmail, and started composing a message in the usual way by clicking on the “Create” Compose.

After writing your email you want to send to, address, message, and content, click on the icon of the running speed mode of the bottom of the message, an icon for the code lock next to it an hour’s time, to show you have the box “speed mode”, which includes cities that will delete the message after which choose between one day, week, month, 3 months and 5 months.

In the same box “speed mode”, there are two options, the first is not to put the secret code, The message No SMS Passcode, the other is the SMS Passcode, the operationalization of the latter option, you will be sent a message code secret on the mobile phone number of the addressee, to be sent a code to him, to be able to read the message after inserted, but this option is not available in Egypt and the Arab region and the Middle East and most countries of the world until now.

Now you can send your message by clicking on “send” to Send, and the message reaches the addressee as each e-mail message plain, but the rules of the “speed mode”.

Left to point out that the position property of the speed of working via e-mail to Jim, from gimli to gimli, but if you want to send the message to any e-mail on a site other than Google, it will require the consignee to process the entry of any Gmail account to possess so that he can review the message.

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