A new feature of Facebook to meet new friends

In the time that we see a number of changes occur on Facebook, it seems that there is a new feature coming to the site soon to help you identify the different people via the site. The new feature that appears by the report of CNET, will allow you to recognize what is common between you and the person you are talk to him via the comments page, which will lead to ease of the beginning of the conversation and the stranger better than the last.

For example, if a conversation someone through comments on a page on the website Facebook will tell the site that this person goes to the same university that you go to over the comment. Also it is possible to tell your site if the city you shared or you’re from the same state as is possible that shows you the disclaimer that he works for the same company that do not and also whether there are groups of Facebook common between you.

It did not disclose whether they have decided to allow this feature to everyone or not, where it is currently on a small number of users in the United States to study the impact of trade provided by. So can’t yet confirm this feature as something key in Facebook, but the advantage of possible to see it made available for everyone soon.

Emerged Facebook this feature that he wants to connect people to each other, and that feeling is not considered new on Facebook always appears in every occasion no matter what. Anyway, Facebook is working to provide the greatest number of advantages during the recent period both in the facebook the same application or other applications center WhatsApp who witness a number of new features.

And Facebook recently from a fact known as the Cambridge Analytica, where the squadron this British company which was resolved after that in leaking the data of 80 million users of Facebook to use in influencing the opinions of voters and then buy them from another company. Users data of Americans was used in paying voters to vote for the US president’s current Donald Trump, who is currently facing the difficult days of his reign the United States of America.

Since this incident, Facebook is trying to gain users in many ways possible, a lot of advantages in addition to tools that gives the user control and secure bigger.

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