A new feature for Google users without Internet

If no Internet or it is not always possible, but now, thanks to a new feature implemented by Google, it is still able to take on a number of important benefits for which users are so highly valued smart phones. Developing the most popular mobile OS — Android and recently announced its new version P Android, Google is also mindful of functionality, which can be useful to billions of users without Network access.

In Android Chrome browser Google added a new feature

Google added to its Chrome browser to develop its Android mobile operating system, which can be downloaded from Google Play, a new useful function. It will allow the browser to store on the device when it is connected to the Internet, the content including news articles. Thus, the user can read saved content offline. More new feature of the popular mobile browser was considered Himanshu (Himanshu) on the resource page gsmarena.com with reference to the publication of the Google India Blog.

As the company explains in the blog when the user’s device will be connected to free Wi-Fi, web browser, Chrome will automatically download relevant articles on the basis of what content is most popular in certain areas. Thus, in order to read the content, you only need periodic access to the Network.

How to use Google Chrome for Android without the Internet?

If the user is logged in to Chrome using your account, the content will be chosen also based on the navigation history of the user. Previously downloaded content can be read by the user when they’re comfortable, even in the case where the Network connection is missing. Thus expanding the number of tasks that can be useful to the smartphone, regarded today mainly as a device that requires Network access.

Google notes that this feature is focused on the markets “next billion users” (Next Billion Users) and will be available to users 100 markets, including the markets of India, Nigeria, Indonesia and Brazil.

To discuss a new feature of Android-Google’s Chrome browser that allows you to view content even in the absence of Network access, and numerous other products and services of Google readers in the Telegram chat.

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