A new cut in the price of the iPhone XR have a comp carrier in Japan

Use the repercussions of the low sales of phones iPhone in the effect on Apple until now, where I started one of the mobile companies in Japan in a new reduced price Phone iPhone XR.

cutting iPhone XR prices

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I didn’t reveal the company Apple release any numbers for sales of phones and the iPhone in the financial report for the first quarter of this year, however, Tim Cook confirmed that low sales of phones and the iPhone in global markets affect the profits of Apple for sure, but blocking Apple official figures for sales can not be with him to estimate the size of this effect.

On the other hand indicators recently to track the sales of phones, the iPhone company has a carrier in particular, where the monitoring of the reduction in prices for the iPhone have more than one company in the recent period, where come from this company, Japanese carrier NTT docomo, besides some Chinese companies.

It is a new day, started the company SoftBank of Japan is in a reduction in the price of the iPhone XR worth $ 99 almost, with this offer of 30 from the month of January.

Recall that the Taiwanese government held a meeting recently with a supplier of Apple, where over this meeting that the versions of Apple recent lack of innovation which is the main cause of reduced sales.


I know of

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