A new backpack from Peak Design suitable for

This topic is a new backpack from Peak Design suitable for appeared on Engadget.

Company Peak Design to expand its product range of luxury suitcases with travel bag new Travel Backpack 45L which appeared today on the website of the Kickstarter will be shipped in the fall at a price of $ 299.

Come حقيبةTravel Backpack in different sizes 20 liter 30 liter, 45 liter, where can carry luggage more than one bag Everyday. As it’s designed to squeeze as much as possible in the large area still adhere to the Regulations of the air transportation the airline.

There is no bag Travel Backpack System, Magnetic lock in the cargo area such as the system of the rights of the Everyday and, instead, used bag Travel zipper heavy on the outer surface, where they open up the back completely to access the entire bag, which makes the mobilization of the baggage is easy.

Include bag Travel tote bag top which can put a laptop or tablet, this in addition to pockets, hidden passport pocket padded soft sunglasses. As the bag is made from cloth nylon weather-resistant and on the bottom of the solid.

Works storage a little differently about the bags Everyday for luggage such as cameras and other equipment, where the product of current in Peak Design with many architectural additions and compact which can be re-placed with Velcro and fold up into separate parts of any organized pattern that suits you. There is also a split plate flowchart can be used to separate the bag into two parts.

Furthermore, the company Peak Design sell tools to mobilize different purchases of additional cases of the use of different. Where there is a bag packing essential for your clothes at the price of $ 30, and you can also get a bag of Laundry appropriate to brush teeth and shaving tools clean at a price of $ 60, that’s in addition to bag of the appropriate technical things to the little things like hyphens and SD cards and other necessities at a price of $ 60. If you want to get a storage capacity suitable for cameras, you will need a camera bag that ranges in price from $ 50 for a small pouch to $ 90 for a big bag.

Available bag Travel Backpack with a capacity of 35 liters and can be extended to the size of 45 litres if you open the spring tension, as you say, Peak Design is that they are compressible to 30 liters also. If I got the bag in advance on the website Kickstarter, you’ll be able to get it at an exclusive price of which is $ 235. Will continue to a crowdfunding campaign until September 20, and the Peak Design that the bag will be available for purchase from its website and retailers to others during the holidays.


This topic is a new backpack from Peak Design suitable for appeared on Engadget.

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