A new application from Google converts your photo selfie into a tool for educational

With the development of smart phones turning photography into something extremely easy, with one touch, you get beautiful images to record your moments and your memories, but with the application of the Google culture and Google Arts and Culture varies so much, to get fun of photography to educational tool par excellence, the application lets you capture images and compare them to the ancient art and.

After you download the app you can go to the section entitled “?Is your portrait in a museum” and if you press on startup or Get Started so take you app to another page telling you that Google will not use any data related to your picture for any other purposes, you can accept and continue or reject and.

If you choose to continue you will be shown a box to capture your image, and then analyzes the application a photo of your face and compares it to works of art registered., And shows you the paintings that are similar with the lines of your face and the similarity or congruence between the two of you descending, to appear the most demanding in the beginning.

You can also share pictures via the app with friends via social media platforms, messages or email, and by clicking on each panel of panels that show you, know you app, available free for Android andiOS, the information available about them.

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