A new app from NASA will make selfi on the background of deep space

A notorious program for photo editing free from Adobe allows you to do with your the anything. And in the hands of a professional environment will be indistinguishable from the present. It is one thing to enjoy the beauty after the fact, and quite another – to participate personally in almost anything and even take a selfie for memory. A new app by NASA will lie to do just that. And to make space flight, to see nebulae, black holes and a lot of fun.

About the unusual development reports EnGadget. The app received a laconic name NASA Selfies and its release is timed to the 15th anniversary of the launch of the Spitzer space telescope. It was he allowed to take photographs of the nebulae of Orion and of the Keel, but also captures the light emitted by exoplanets. NASA Selfies gives you the opportunity to take pictures in the suit on the payroll of the Orion nebula or in the background of the milky way. All photos of the substrate not drawn by artists, and made by the Spitzer telescope. The app is available for smartphones operating on iOS and Android.

In addition, NASA can boast another very interesting development: Exoplanet Excursion. This development of virtual reality helmets Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Its design also used data obtained by the Spitzer telescope. Through the app you can take a fascinating virtual journey through the system of TRAPPIST-1 and almost “live” to see the far reaches of space.

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