A man from Lithuania playing tricks on Google and Facebook, stole more than $ 100 million

Financial Markets Wall Street Facebook, New York, USA - 29 Mar 2018

The targeting of Google and Facebook by a man in Lithuania named Evaldas Rimasauskas as part of the offensive, fraudulent, frequent via e-mail. Attack caused the losses of more than $ 100 million for the two companies. Has passed since of guilt in respect of these companies, identity theft, and three counts of money laundering.

Put Evaldas Rimasauskas plan to escape from corporate America with more than $ 100 million. Then the funds were transferred to bank accounts around the world. Shows a list of accusations that Evaldas Rimasauskas he established a company in Latvia the same company name Quanta Computer Inc. leading manufacturing of computers in Asia. I have opened multiple accounts on behalf of his company in a number of banks in each of Hungary, Slovakia, Cyprus, Lithuania, Latvia, and receive payments.

Then use invoices, contracts, letters forged to accomplish that. According to the Ministry of Justice, has stated by saying : ” it seems that the bills and letters are fake so that was prepared and signed by the executives and agents of companies that have fallen victim to this fraud, which bear the stamps of the company of counterfeit decorative names of companies the victim, for submission to the banks to get approval to transfer funds in huge volumes via bank transfer “.

After that, use Evaldas Rimasauskas electronic messages fraudulent to fool employees in each of Google and Facebook in addition to the banks that come with it to complete the payment approval to buy its fake. The receipt of the funds in those accounts were then distributed to the bank accounts of six other companies to hide the money trail. Revealed a warrant from Lithuania that was fraud on Google in $ 23 million dollars, while the fraud on Facebook in 99 million USD.

Agreed on the sources of 49738559 dollars to the United States in charge of mail fraud as it is mentioned in the documents of the guilty plea. Still faces a maximum penalty of 30 years if found guilty of financial fraud, which involves the use of telecommunications or information technology, identity theft and three counts relating to money laundering. A spokesman confirmed the company Google that it was ” the discovery of this fraud and alert the authorities immediately. I’ve recovered the money and we are pleased to resolve this matter “.

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