A malfunction in the sensor the nearby Galaxy S10 says to wake up the phone when it is in the pocket of the user


Sensors proximity are the sensors that we can find them usually in our smart phones today. Often, we don’t think about this sensor and do not care about it, but when it does not work as intended, it can be annoying and this is what I discovered. some users of the Galaxy S10. According to reports, it appears that some users find that, due to a malfunction, the proximity sensor in their smart phones is not working as required.

And for those who don’t know the function of the proximity sensor, it helps to turn off the phone screen when you put it next to your ear during a call. However, according to users, it works well in that situation but when it is put in the pocket, it prevents somehow stop the screen which makes the phone drains battery more than it should be.

Unfortunately, it seems that there is no solution to the problem at the current time. Even users who reduce the sensitivity of the screen to find that it still doesn’t work. I didn’t know, Samsung officially after this problem, so it is not clear whether the problem is tied to the hardware or a problem linked to the software can be addressed through an update in the future.

Hope Samsung aware of this problem and issue a repair in the near future, assuming it is a problem linked to the software.


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