A lot of phones Shao? Use لـRedmi Note 6!

I started Shao-series Redmi 6 in last June when it released the Redmi 6 The redmi 6A the redmi 6 Pro. But the company did not ignore the phones Redmi Note 6 that will power successful Redmi Note again. It seems that the version of the phones Redmi Note 6 won’t be far away, the first new coming in the image of the Redmi Note 6 to the redmi Note 6 Pro if your new reports.

Confirm reports he has been accepted for new phones by the body responsible for it in Russia and after that report the post to their acceptance by Taiwan also. The strange thing is that the report indicates that the phones are working بـMiUI 9 which is information that pointed to something they indicate that the phones are very close.

The Shawty has released a new phone bearing the name Pocophone F1 in Indian market it is available in various markets over the next few days. The new phone that comes from a company descended from the Shawnee under the name of POCO bar offers a Snapdragon 845 and a number of specifications of the big phones at the price of only $ 300.

And apparently this phone will achieve significant sales of the Chinese company, during its first show on the phone the company was able to sell more phones and make the number of sixty-nine thousand one phone to one hundred thousand phone within just five minutes.

Although the new phone offers a number of advantages come make it undoubtedly a tempting option for the price to it out a number of flaws that make it far away from big phones. One of these defects is a design that is not interest in them completely and the plastic memory makes the phone look cheap and is good in any form.

On the other hand, we don’t know much yet about the scheme of Shao for the other strings to impact the success of Pocophone. The company also owns a chain Mi which Hotel phones specifications such as Pocophone but at higher prices. You might think the company only to the incompleteness of the advantages of Pocophone show phones Mi for anyone who wants to pay more, but anyway, it’s the phone Pocophone will affect the sales of the chain Mi and perhaps other chains and Shawty that equipped the plan to deal with this.

This topic ‘s a lot of phones Shao? Use لـRedmi Note 6! Appeared first on say Delta technology.

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