A lot of experience operating Yandex Stations: six months with Alice

From the very first day I used Yandex Station. This is enough to share the full experience of its use and to answer the question on expediency of purchase. Looking ahead, we say that cons her enough as pros. All the details below.

I bought Yandex Station directly at the start of sales, when it was sold a few dozen units. The first rating was quite high on almost all parameters, except the sound which was a little disappointing. Later my opinion has changed a bit, but all in good time.

When I bought the column, there was little choice and had to buy the usual dark gray version. The other colors were on pre-order three months in advance. Now you can buy the Station in a dark grey color with a dark top, white with white top and purple (the color of Alice) with a white top.

In the beginning I used the Station with removed cover, and later I had to change my mind, so I finally realized the flaw of interior design. When the speakers are “outside” is beautiful, but in addition on the body too many technical holes and guides.

Many have compared the design of the column with a jar of tea or a piggy Bank. This comparison is only partially true. In person it looks much nicer. than on pictures. Over time, it is not just used to it, she really begins to like. Looks nice especially the lights in the upper part of the body. Depending on the situation she can be purple, red or green.

I can not mention, which is subjective, over time, Yandex Station has become much better to accept commands. Although, even in the first days of use, it was a pleasant surprise, especially given the HomePod. It sounds much better accessory from Yandex, but sometimes you have to try very hard to give the command.

False positives my Yandex Station was only two. Once she reacted to the sounds from the TV, and the second time simply involved in listening mode. I don’t know what she had heard. These two cases not enough to change my positive attitude towards the assistant.

The downside would be the inability to communicate with her silently. I whispered to ask her to turn the music on minimal volume, but she answered loudly and will include play on the normal level. It is inconvenient when in the middle of the night want to ask for a column with a barely audible play music, so as not to Wake anybody at home.

To maximize the volume of questions asked, except, of course, sacrificing quality. But it starts at a very high volume. Most questions to the most quiet option. Sometimes again at night, I want to turn it down a level and so is minimal.

Yandex Station constantly receives some updates that allow it generally better to work with. That’s just the developers did not add support EQ settings. This is a very significant impact on sound quality. If you pass, your smartphone is not “flat” sound,” and past treatment, once there is depth and richness. Streaming music doesn’t work.

Another gripe with streaming music is that the Station is not always able to play music randomly. If you ask Alice to include some playlist, the selection is likely to be interesting, but if the next day to give the same command, nothing will change. Even the consistency is the same. This is a serious obstacle to enjoy the music.

For viewing of rollers with YouTube or kinoservis column is only good if you know the specific name of the movie or video. In other cases, it is easier to send the image to the TV any other way.

An additional disadvantage of viewing content through the Station will be that it does not transmit sound to the TV and plays it herself. It sounds better than built-in speakers of most TVs, but if you have a Soundbar or home theater, to bring the sound will not work.

It is a bit of a Shocker from Yandex Station. If the creators have gone the way of the Amazon Echo, giving the ability to connect external sound sources, it would be much better. Although, very few people dare. For example, the HomePod also does not allow connection to external speakers. But at least he has an excuse in the form of significantly higher quality sound.

In General, the sound Station can be compare with column in 4000-5000 rubles. It has a separate woofer, midrange-speakers and tweeters, but inexpensive solution from JBL, for example, Charge, or Flip of the last generations do not sound worse. While Yandex Station not so much about the sound.

Despite the long experience, the story about him is small. Not much to tell. The design of the speakers on the fan, the sound quality is much better, usage scenarios and assistant good and everyone knows it. If not, you can try the app and understand whether to pay him half the cost of the speakers.

If the second generation of Yandex Station and the company will add support for equalizer (although this can be done in software now), the possibility of easy replacement of the casing or a beautiful design without it, as well as a choice between external speakers or built-in, it will be a very attractive product. On the last point it may be noted that even HP for A 3300 it allows it has the Alice “on Board”.

Even the speakers are not included in the priority list of changes, as it also can close your eyes, if you add EQ and a little to tweak the settings programmatically.

Another item that will allow you to name the column product will be a good opportunity to work in the system of smart home. It is unlikely that a company that created a really cool assistant, will be a big problem to create a couple of sensors and some smart light bulbs. This will be a breakthrough, especially given the cost and complexity of devices with Home Kit

There is much to criticize Yandex after the release of the Station and the Phone, but personally, I want the company released the second generation of these products, correcting “children’s sores” of the first versions. Too good shot Alice on your start and I want to believe that it wasn’t a limit for that has very good prospects. But this should be done as quickly as possible.

Just imagine… a Smart home, gaming services, installing applications, taxi and food… All this can happen if the guys from Yandex will not relax and will work better on their product, which while interesting has the potential to become really cool.

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