A loophole in the Galaxy S10 allows a penetrating insight about the way put a lid to protect the company

Once you have bought the British lady “Lisa” Galaxy S10 has purchased the cover to protect Glass Company and then the introduction of fingerprint her phone as normal, later I tried to unlock the phone using a finger other than the one you recorded on your phone and open your phone as normal!

Later her husband to make the same trade, and said in to the phone normally! Perhaps more concerned about “Lisa” and all of us is that the fingerprints are not only used in unlocking the phone, but is used in operations purchase of stores and also banking apps!

Later shunning “Lisa,” the experience of her sister’s cell phone which is a Galaxy S10 also was surprised to find that the same holes exist in it, which confirms the probability of the existence of this gap in all phones Galaxy S10!

Later I thought Samsung officially this drawback security, this according to the source, the main reason behind this problem is the protective cover glass that is installed on the phone which is cheap and comes at the price of 2.7 pounds, which makes the existing footprint are not working properly apparently.

You may if you use the phone Galaxy S10 your Without this cover cheap will be safe, but what if you lost your phone or it was stolen and then the robber installing one on the phone? This will give access to all your files, photos, and also all the applications that you need to believe using the insight!

Source: The Sun

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