A loophole in the application “FaceTime” to allow for your connection by tapping on the camera microphone

The gate Arab News Technical The Gate Arab News Technical

The company said Apple on Monday she thinks later in the week the current version of the correction software fit gap discovered in the messaging application its own “FaceTime” FaceTime phones iPhone.

Because of the loophole, which was discovered on Monday by one of the users of Twitter, any user can develop a “FaceTime” eavesdropping on the other party’s voice while making a video call, even before answering.

It is believed that the gap is due to a problem in the system calls the visual aesthetic in the application “FaceTime”, as it starts an audio recording the future of video calls, thinking that the conversation had started, with that the user had not yet been answered.

Referred to to feature video calls collective new on the FaceTime app, as announced by Apple in the summer of 2018 and then removed from the first beta of Version 12 of the system “iOS” iOS the download iPhone, computers, iPad tablet. Then launched a water pan users late the month of October last.

An Apple spokesman said in a statement: “We are aware of the problem and we have identified a fix will be released in a software update later this week”.

Recall that the gap does not cause a registration of the sound level of the call only, but if try to mute the call by pressing the Volume Down button or power button will turn on the camera, with the screen phone of the future will continue to show the screen of the incoming call. But in fact, it would be related to see and hear the other party.

And to believe Apple corrected the software, you are advised to amend the application “FaceTime” through to the phone settings and then “FaceTime”.

The gate Arab News technical flaw in the application “FaceTime” to allow for your connection by tapping on the camera microphone

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