A loophole in the Android system allows apps to be installed via NFC

The company Google in the last month to correct one of the errors Android that enables hackers to deploy malicious software to phones nearby via a feature of the operating system is not known to many called the NFC beaming.

This feature allows users of Android phones to exchange data such as images or files or videos or even applications in geographical scope small, so that the phones near each other being water using radio waves, and you think an alternative for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Usually the app is stored and sent over the NFC in the internal memory, and a notification appears on the screen asking the owner of the phone whether it wants to allow the water to install the app from an unknown source.

But, figuring out the security researcher that applications sent via NFC to the system Oreo and newer can be installed with a single click, without any warning security this opens up the field to install a lot of malware without checking them.

Although there is no claim of trust, but there is a major problem in the security model of Android, which is supposed to not allow the corresponding applications from “unknown sources”, where anything installed from outside the Play Store the official is not reliable and verified.

If users want to install an app from outside the Play Store, you should visit the section “install apps from unknown sources” in the operating system settings and enable the option.

Source: ZDnet

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