A loophole in iTunes and iCloud allowed the attacks of ransom on Windows devices

Find out researchers in the field of Information Security follow company Morphisec vulnerability Zero Day programs Apple “iTunes and iCloud” for the Windows operating system, allowed the hackers to carry out ransom during the financial period.

If you don’t know the meaning of vulnerability Zero Day, they allow the hacker took advantage of her, without the knowledge of the company, so you find out what, and this is the gap that resides precisely in the program Bonjour for updates that comes with each of the producers, allowed the hacker creates a special path to a new relies on Bonjour to guide the operations of the software malicious of them BitPaymer ransomware.

The discoverers of vulnerabilities to inform Apple in August last, which has in turn fixes the gap this month by launching software update on Windows, but things are not so simple.

Users who use these programs in the past are at risk, given that the program Bonjour is still installed on Windows systems even after users uninstall iTunes or iCloud, and users should إزالةBonjour manually and then install the new version.

Recall that Apple timing of the adoption of the program of iTunes for your operating system after the launch of the new version, but users of Windows will continue to use it in the foreseeable future.

Source: Morphisc

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