A look inside the Galaxy Fuld after dismantling

Is Galaxy Fuld one of the most phones impressive technologically, although it is not officially released yet, but someone is already able to dismantle it completely.

And now we can see exactly what’s inside the Galaxy Fuld, and it’s not a surprise that the person who dismantled the phone says that cannot be repaired will be a nightmare most likely.

And detailed definitely one of the most important components of the phone, and if not re-installed in a perfect way, you will screen internal easily, and also the internal screen is easy to removal, where it is soft like rubber, but glass screen outer cracked already during the dismantling process, these images also give us a look at the batteries different in shape, in addition to the cables that connect the parts key of the phone.

And we certainly do not recommend anyone to buy Galaxy Fuld experience this, but it’s good to have someone who has got enough courage to try it until we see the components of the device interesting.

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