A look at the Huawei Mate X removable bending

Announced the Chinese company Huawei officially on her smart phone the midwife to commend in the name of the Mate X, which will market at a high price reaches 2299 euros equivalent 9778 SR or 2607 $ version with 8 gigabytes of radio and 512 gigabytes of internal storage.

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The company said it developed the phone during the period of 3 years, and holds the phone great promise, claiming that the fastest phone is a foldaway bed in the world called fifth-generation networks.

Screen design

The phone comes with a full capacity of 8 inch accurately 2480×1148, and at the bend, we get on the screen of the front size of 6.6 inch and the screen background size of 6.39 inches, which is kind of Olid and the largest screen Samsung phone the midwife bending of 7.4 inch and bend it to become a 4.6 inch on one side only, so as to overtake Huawei to Samsung to this point.

Here are all of the screens provided by the phone:
– Full screen when you open the phone the size of a 8 inch accurately 2480 x 2200, with a potential upside of 8:7.1.
– Screen front key size of 6.6 inch accurately 2480 × 1148, with a potential upside of 19.5: 9.
– Screen wallpaper size 6.39 inch accurately 2480 × 892 by the width to height 2480 x 2200.

Adopts Huawei’s concept of the crease cutting-edge using the detailed value of 5.4 mm and thickness of 11 mm only. The company says that the detailed contain 100 element inside it. In comparison, this phone is the removable bending is less thicker than the iPad when it is placed in tablet mode.

In addition, there is a grip, is to store a lot of key components such as cameras or sensors related to energy and health.

Specifications and battery life

The company claims to have the fastest phone 5G is a foldaway bed at all speeds up to 4.6 Gbps, can be download the film the size of 1 gigabytes of address space in three seconds, says the company.

With a processor Kirin 980 can be a device that offers perfect performance and it is the same the phones Mate 20 Pro and Onur View 20, along with random memory capacity of 8 gigabytes of RAM and internal storage of 512 gigabytes and more importantly two batteries the size of 4500 mAh, which is larger than the battery of the Samsung, but the Huawei phone comes with bigger screen, so the battery must be larger.

The phone features a hair fast also, so that the battery can be charged with 85$ in just 30 minutes.

I didn’t mention Huawei to details relating to the number of cameras owned by the phone, but the camera system is located in the joint.

Offering, the camera is good, where you can see yourself when you take a ‘selfie’, so that they will not pick up the sound randomly.

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