A look at startups in the technology field in Egypt and

From great bargains to the need of new accelerators to government support, there was a lot of activity in the Arab Republic of Egypt during the recent years, so it’s natural to look forward to one of more aspects of positive in this big country.

This aspect is the activity of startups in the field of technology and the emergence of more of them and they all want to offer services truly useful to the community bank first and later towards the markets of the Middle East and North Africa.

The journey doesn’t look easy at all, but that didn’t stop some companies actually achieve significant success and investment, regional and global in millions of US dollars.

Of course, the core engine of this movement or revolution are the fans that create businesses and employ the youth would put their community, and they are of course really what got to him Japan and China and developed countries reached back and spread awareness and not sabotage the struggle for power.

Let us in this article take a closer look at startups in the technology field in Egypt and will be the key entry point to talk about entrepreneurship in Egypt by many in the future.

  • Business accelerators

Until a few years ago, was speeding startups only in Egypt’s Flat6Labs, but things change very quickly in the last year or more with many of the accelerators, which help startups. Include EdVentures, an accelerator management technologies, initiated by one of the top publishers in the country, there are Falak, an accelerator run by the government for emerging companies at an early stage, and don’t forget TechSpace, an incubator from the University of the Nile startups, and many others.

Often related to Flat6Labs Cairo for due provided the amount of very little of the money for the stock that you take in the startups that join the program but continues to attract some of the most promising startups in the country.

Apart from its early sessions, which included names such as Instabug, and Nafham, and Taskty, its recent sessions, had witnessed the accession of startups such as MoneyFellows and Harmonica.

It seems that the program accelerate the AUC Venture Lab enjoys a good reputation among startups in the country, they don’t take any rights of ownership, and a good level of support for emerging companies to participate.

  • Common work space

In parallel with the emergence of a lot of accelerators, business access and regional to Egypt, also appeared a lot of shared workspaces allow startups to work in the offices of good meetings and manage their business at the lowest possible cost.

Appeared a lot of common work space of Egypt, and cast all of RiseUp and Udacity to MO4 and Flat6Labs a large role in provided.

Interesting is that a lot of regional and international players are also trying to open their spaces in Cairo and other cities in Egypt highlighted names are Seedspace and Startup Haus.

In Alexandria, IceAlex is one of the areas leading terms of the activities and events organized by one of the beautiful spaces of the country, there is also a G-Space in El Gouna not forgetting the beginning of their spread in the level, too.

  • Funds, venture capital investors and Angels

Income funds venture capital New VC investors and Angels on the line and create greater safety in Egypt ($50 billion) that have been announced.

It is expected to launch the company Sawari Ventures, one of the first venture capital firms in the country, its new fund of $ 55 million soon.

Launched Khalid Ismail, an investor Egypt My Angel Box Angel $ 5 million he was active to a large extent in the conduct of more than 10 investments so far.

Competing company Endure Capital, which has offices in the United States, Dubai and Cairo, where he conducted more than three investments in Egyptian startups this year.

Income on-line also fund Oman of technology in the Sultanate of Oman, in addition to other investment funds in the UAE, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

There are very few global consulting firms which has investments in Egyptian startups recently, but maybe this is due to the fact that most startups in the country are an early stage, وتبدوVostok New Ventures currently more companies Venture Capital international actors in Egypt.

  • Government support

The Egyptian government is very active recently, where he launched various programs to help startups. It has been the launch of most of these programs in the framework of the initiative of the Ministry of investment and international cooperation named Fekratek Sherkatek.

Invest company Egypt Ventures, a part of this initiative, in the company of suitable accelerators, which is one of the investors Flat6Labs. It also runs a direct acceleration program startups for four months, which provides funding and office space and mentorship to startups.

  • Conferences and events

In parallel with all of the above there are many events fill up the agenda of those interested in investing in startups the source of the creation of enterprises and success in the field of entrepreneurship.

The summit of the RiseUp Summit is the biggest event in Egypt without a doubt, the summit meets held annually at the Greek Campus in Cairo, thousands of founders, investors and lovers of technology and other stakeholders from Middle East and North Africa, Europe and the United States and even Asia.

If you’re someone who would like to know what it’s like ecosystem of Egypt and the Middle East and North Africa, this summit doesn’t need to think about.

Held the first edition of the conference of the Vested Summit in El Gouna to start a global movement Technology Technology conscious for good Humanitarian, the event host different speakers local, regional and international attracted startups and entrepreneurs from all over Egypt.


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