A local confirms that the device Microsoft’s new Xbox One X helped to increase the support of your Sony home PS4 Pro

Xbox One X

Since the release of Microsoft’s device home the strongest Xbox One X, and even before its release, the device received the support of major companies that have improved their games and support additional capacity is Xbox new and 4K resolution display whether they are real or not.

This also contributed to increase the support of the Sony device the PS4 Pro, the game The Witcher 3 for example didn’t want to Maker her at first to support the PlayStation however, with the release of the Xbox and thanks to strong relationships with Microsoft and pressure from the party, the development team Polish responded and the support device and the support plates Pro also, is contributed Xbox visit games support plates Pro?

Here’s what he sees the analyst famous in the world of electronic games and the controversial Michael Pachter about this in a new interview with the western media, which approve of it in general but he also believes that the low prices of 4K monitors play his role:

I think that places Pro also has the advantage of price at least, and it looks like he sells a little better, and if that devise that seems difficult, because we don’t know how many Xbox did Microsoft ship it, and probably are implemented for a few weeks.

But yes, and in contrast to the idea that the Xbox help PlayStation Pro, I think that the price is too low for 4K TV helps two.

The largest sales for a TV 4K TV will lead to greater sales for your PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, and greater sales for the two devices lead to greater support from developers. Anyway you’re right, when you make improvements to the game on your Xbox One X, you would do the same for your PS4 Pro, then you are absolutely right.

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