A list of the worst 10 passwords to 2018, have you ever used one of these?!!

The company announced SplashData on its annual list of the worst passwords during the year, which has been compiled from 5 million password leaked on the internet on different occasions.

قائمة بأسوأ 10 كلمات المرور لعام 2018
A list of the worst 10 passwords to 2018

Like past years, still a lot of users icon to the passwords simple and easy expansion of their online accounts, passwords such as “123456”and “password” top the list for the fifth consecutive year.

Also sometimes users resort to other words more simply as a repeat number one particular several times such as “111111” “666666” or reverse passwords as well as “654321” sometimes tempted some to use the names of famous sports and sometimes politics.

All weak passwords composed of a sequence of numbers or letters the Easy Saver helps inventors to steal these accounts since they sometimes use certain programs to experience random passwords famous to sole accounts, steal it, don’t facilitate them the task to select a password simple!

The list of the worst passwords for the year 2018

1) 123456
2) password
3) 123456789
4) 12345678
5) 12345
6) 111111
7) 1234567
8) sunshine
9) qwerty
10) iloveyou

For a strong password advise company SplashData don’t say that word about 12 symbol composed between letters, numbers, and private information, also advises the company’s applications using the password manager which generates random passwords difficult to memorize it to log in automatically later on your behalf when needed. Do you use one password easy?! If you change it!

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