A list of the biggest scandals Facebook to 2018

Mark Zuckerberg –CEO of Facebook– made a commitment to being 356 miles through 2016, which is committed to its implementation. In the year that follows the milking of cows and rode a tractor as part of his pledge to recognize the community outside of Silicon Valley.

After the indictment of Facebook promoting false news and allow Russia to manipulate the outcome of the U.S. presidential elections in 2016, pledged to Zuckerberg reform of the social web by 2018, but he did not realize the size of what you need repaired and the amount of scandals expected by the company.

Here’s a summary of Facebook’s long..

February – the involvement of Facebook in Russia’s intervention policy of America

Revealed the special adviser to the Robert Muller measurement 13 employee agency research the Russian internet to create accounts figures us on Instagram where they and Facebook to entrap Americans against each other ahead of the elections – as has been mentioned the involvement of Twitter and YouTube as well.

March – the role of Facebook in the massacres of Rohingya Muslims

Blamed for Facebook to enable posting false information about the Muslims of Rohingya who were exposed to the massacres of the regime, and in response closed the the page the aggressive and policy update publication.

The problem of evil, the world beyond Myanmar, including the blocking of internet service providers and telecommunications companies both WhatsApp and Facebook in Sri Lanka, after the incidents of violence against Muslims. A decision to include it in Papua New Guinea.

March – the scandal of the Cambridge Analytica

Blew up the New York Times and The Guardian by surprise when she revealed about the exploitation of Cambridge Analytica –company policy statements– data 87 million dollars to target their content exist for manipulation in the American presidential election in 2016.

April – certificate Zuckerberg in front of Congress.

After the scandal of the Cambridge Analytica, Zuckerberg’s response to Congress, even though he came out unscathed has accused Facebook control the Conservatives to crush them, the likes of pro-Donald Trump.

June – sale of user data to the manufacturers of the devices

Another report from the New York Times revealed Facebook deal with hardware manufacturers such as Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and BlackBerry, through its social network to share personal data of users.

July – deals the exchange of data with companies is a large Russian

In the report of the component of 700 pages answering questions for US government agencies, I think Facebook with its contract deals to share data with Russian companies, to enable access to the data of friends of users.

One of the beneficiaries of the transaction the company is the Russian developer of the email service mile Ru (Mail.ru) which is owned by a businessman close to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

September – the resignation of the founders of Instagram where they

Didn’t need Kevin’s sister and Mike Krieger –founding Instagram where they– enter the Facebook is growing in the context of the platform photo sharing what prompted them to resign, so join the list of founding fathers who have abandoned what they did after acquisition of Facebook, including Brian Acton and Jean-com founding WhatsApp, and Palmer Luckey, the founder does.

September – breakthroughs wholesale

Took advantage of the anonymous hackers, a security hole in the Facebook to break through 30 million accounts and gain full access to accounts third party applications associated with it. Still Facebook is cooperating with the FBI to identify the perpetrators.

October – the fool advertisers on Facebook

Tell Facebook that the error caused in the calculation of the average hours spent by a user on the video is greater than the reality. Currently the company is facing a lawsuit accusing her of knowing this error long before his announcement.

December – leaking internal documents expose the policy of Facebook

After he was fired by the British Parliament these documents to work, revealed the cooperation of Facebook with the user data as a commodity.

December – expose the images of millions of users

Due to a loophole in the programming interface of Facebook lasted from 13 until 25 September, the picture was 6.8 million porous than 1,500 third-party application if the user using the Facebook account to log in.

Despite the continuing gap a couple of days in the month of September last, did not know about Facebook until two months later. And it seems clear to us the reaction of producers to this delay especially with the request of the Data Protection Act, the general disclosure like this breakthrough within 72 hours only.

December – data sharing with companies large

Another investigation from the New York Times revealed Facebook sharing the treasures of personal data with 150 companies, including notable names the likes of Amazon, Microsoft and Netflix are available sportive.

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