A list of the best programs to clean your computer from temporary files

There are a lot of programs that work on the organization of computers and operating system files and residues left by other software, whether that level by man and those that have to delete them entirely, but not all of those programs that are put on throughout the years necessarily good or work as it should and hopes of the user.

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Even iTunes users the new traffic these programs, we have prepared a set of professional programs, but better in cleaning computers from files temporary. In this topic we with you a list of the importance of these programs.

Best programs to clean PC of temporary files

Program CleanUp

If you are looking for a real program totally eliminates the files temporary in the machine. we recommend you this program, it is one of the most important type programs and tend in the cleaning machine and works on all systems Windows different, and within the advantages we mention the following :

  • The program is fast and requires no internet connection.
  • Works smoothly and one for the user update and deals with novice without facing any problem.
  • Features fast performance is important
  • The size is small.

You can download this software just by clicking on the following link and will be downloaded directly.


برنامج PC Decrapifier

The program PC Decrapifier the PC

No matter what we talked about this program, you won’t nove his right, where he is one of the professional programs that don’t clean the device, but also does the work to delete the training programs that have expired from the device if you have one of these category of programs that expired and can’t find them or access to a mechanism to delete them from the computer, just do the recognition on this program will broadcast live from these programs and then deleted in the course, and look more to its advantages:

  • Deletes all programs training methodology.
  • Get rid of temporary files and gas necessary.
  • Delete all icons unnecessary.
  • This program displays all the files after completion of the deletion process.
  • Know some suggestions you have to delete certain programs or files that are not important.

PC Decrapifier

برنامج Empty Temp Folders

Program Empty Temp Folders

MBC program regulates the whole machine of all the temporary files that occupy much space on the computer, plus it deletes the Mavi trash and all the software which I already deleted by the user.

Features of this program

  • Don’t need track the movement of where its small size.
  • Works on all systems windows no problems.
  • Supports the Arabic language beside the English language for ease of use.
  • Get rid of the empty folders automatically.
  • The possibility to remove all temporary files through it.
  • Does not delete the cookies only with the permission of the user.



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