A lawsuit against Apple out of misinformation in the marketing of the iPhone XS XS Max

دعوى قضائية ضد آبل بداعي التضليل في تسويق آيفون XS وXS Max

To raise Man and woman from California filed a lawsuit against Apple last week after the state of the iPhone XS XS MaX via pre-order, so through the counsel of civilians on that they had bought two phones without knowing they contained a protrusion or overlap at the edges in any form, due to the propaganda published by Apple to market the iPhone on its official website which reduces the extrusion is clearly in their own words based on which they purchased iPhones.

According to the text of the case which was published by Business Insider, 55 pages the focus of the plaintiffs was on the number of pixels of the screen and clarity and accuracy as compared with earlier versions in 8 Plus, taking into account the ratio of the area of the county of the screen XS XS Max by extrusion angles of the circular of the company so that the change of the value of precision in this model, and illustrate the point that the declaration of phones between the accuracy of the non-existing in the phones as well as the presence of inadequate effective in dealing with specific colors as blue, red and green display pixels, Description of the case also for iPhone 8 Plus on it is a screen resolution better than the iPhone and other cheaper as it’s better than the XS!

Have noted several people before the official launch of the iPhone during the registration period to deliberate the company’s hide-extrusion and including a source of the first Gibbs where chirp in the leaked info on hide Apple TV not in the new version compared with the version X of the former.

And is not making the judgment for now on this issue is still under study has the body of the court, and for the declaration asserted that Apple sought to use the backdrop of financing the trading of the extrusion angles of the circular of the company but remains a reason for his significance. we can only wait for the court decision.

The lawsuit against Apple out of misinformation in the marketing of the iPhone XS XS Max appeared first on the tech world.

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