A lawsuit against Apple because of image marketing for the iPhone XS

A lawsuit has been filed against Apple this week by a man and a woman argue that the image of the marketing for the iPhone XS on the site of Apple’s e-stores overly, so that they reduce the extrusion at the top of the phone screen.

Named Lawyer of the plaintiffs they asked in advance your iPhone XS Max should not be any shortage in the number of pixels or any bump on the screen.

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In the lawsuit, which came in at 55 pages, which was published via the website of Business Insider, has reported two apple i phones iPhone XS and XS Max they provide a screen of 5.8 inches but after measuring the diameter of the screen except the corners are round, it has been shown that the measurement screen is 5.6875 inches.

With regard to the resolution of the screen, it has re-branded the Apple phone is that the screen resolution is 2436 x 1125 pixels, but does not contain the pixels of the screen on the default number of pixels of the sub makes the precision of the actual less than said company. Reported complaints that the iPhone 8 Plus offers a higher resolution compared to the phone iPhone X.

The lawsuit also Apple she used pictures of marketing risk, for example, they portray the iPhone XS and XS Max with Wallpapers Greetings extrusion in black, making them overlapping with each other, and in the phrase Marketing Phone two the company says the phones offer “full screen” which may make consumers think already that the two phones come without any protrusion.

And the lawsuit filed to Apple the issuance of an injunction against abusive practices, in addition to the compensation of all consumers affected by this “service”. The police immediately criticism on Twitter in the month of last September, when a leaked marketing photos of the phone.

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