A judge of the United States recommended ban on sales of some models of iPhone

Judge of the international trade Commission USA Mary Joan McNamara acknowledged Apple guilty of violating Qualcomm patents that describe methods of increasing the speed of loading the data, justifying it in part on illegal use of energy-saving technologies. In this regard, the judge recommended to the import ban on certain iPhone models that you claim is infringing Qualcomm, from China to the United States of America.

Despite the fact that the complaint was filed by Qualcomm, concerned only with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the import ban could spread to other models. The final decision will be made in July. Until Apple has the theoretical ability to make changes in those iPhone models that violate the contents of patents of Qualcomm. Similarly, the company has received, to avoid the ban on sales of the iPhone in Germany, abandoning the Intel chips in their smartphones.

Ban sales of iPhone

Apple has a long fight with Qualcomm on the territory of several countries: China, Germany and the United States. Qualcomm accuses Apple of illegally using its patents, and Apple accused Qualcomm to use deceptive practices licensing their developments. However, almost all courts that have held to date, he has pleaded guilty to Apple in banning sales of smartphones that use the technology belonging to plaintiff.

But there was at least one trial in which the judge acknowledged, though Apple is guilty of patent infringement Qualcomm, found the prohibition of sales of excess. In his opinion, limiting iPhone sales, the court runs the risk not so much to punish Apple, how much to contribute to the strengthening Qualcomm to Intel. In the case that the Apple smartphones with Intel chips that violate the patent, will disappear from the market, there is a imbalance of power that will actually lead to the creation of a government-approved monopoly.

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