A hacker can bypass the limit to enter a password to open iPhone

Despite efforts by Apple to protect its systems and organs of the intrusions and hackers the Lakers, except that every now and then one can the hacker veteran penetrate the defenses of the hippocampus. Which proves that the prejudice against Apple and the system of protection by staying until the end. We mentioned in the news on the margin such that a hacker can jailbreak for iOS 12 demo. Today, says one of the hacker tricks serious can override the limit to enter a password to open iPhone! So how was it?

It is known that Apple only allow ten wrong attempts to enter password unlock iPhone, then after those failed attempts, the system automatically scans all of the content that you have forever (if you choose this command from the settings) or turn off the iPhone for a very long of up to tens of years.

This measure of security is considered within the rules of the security and protection of privacy established by Apple in its systems. The truth is that that issue is exhausted and angered the security forces at the level of the world, especially the FBI of America, they want access to the contents of the phones of the suspects or the accused, nor is it only by entering the password to no end. until it stops to unlock the phone without any restrictions. However, Apple and other companies to prevent that and put limits to enter passwords” so that Apple itself doesn’t really have access to a user’s passcode, and the owner of the device only can unlock the device”. This resorted to expensive hardware to be able to unlock the phone, and these devices that we talked about in previous articles device GrayKey.

The Matthew Hickey a security researcher and co-founder of Hacker House cyber-security, detects potential way to bypass border security allowed number of times to enter the unlock code lock the iPhone, allowing it to enter the largest number of passcodes even on recent versions such as iOS 11.4 so you can open the iPhone.

In order to do that the Hickey by using an external keyboard only and use it to write the password instead of the keyboard on the screen of the iPhone. So you can enter whatever you want passwords with no maximum so you can unlock the device.

You can watch the video

It seems that that’s the way it works, but not with the seriousness of the pump because the input is slow provided websites that you can experience a 100 word passage in the previous example, but in the end, the way it works may be of high risk because there are a lot of users never happens to the iOS 11.4 because they are waiting for iOS. But surely Apple will close this gap or already closed it because it shows in the video that the hackers are running 11.3, maybe the loophole it closed in 11.4. In general check in iOS 12 you will get a layer of new protection to prevent contact with the USB if it has been more than an hour on the last use of the device.

Did you decrease your security vulnerabilities that appear in iOS? And what do you think of this loophole to bypass the limit to experience the password?


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