A glitch in the iOS system 13 allows others to skip the lock screen to see your contacts

iOS 13

Not after the launch of the iOS system 13, even though we’ve heard it may release in next week. However, it seems that even before the issuance of this update, it has already been the discovery of some errors in it. In fact, I’ve been discovering a glitch in this system allows the user is not authorized to bypass the phone’s lock screen to access your contact list.

Discovered this back in the beginning by Jose Rodriguez made it to The Verge. Revealed Jose Rodriguez about this flaw in the iOS system 13 for the first time on the 17th day of July, but it seems that it is still present in the version Golden Master of iOS 13. In case you haven’t heard about the Golden Master, is the name which is launched on the official version and the final of the iOS system used Apple to launch to the general users.

This means that when is the update version of iOS 13 in the end for users, this should be kept back there. With regard to the method of exploitation, they include the user to conduct a conversation FaceTime then access the VoiceOver of the digital assistant Siri. Will enable that user to access your contact list even when the phone screen is closed.

We’re not sure of the reason behind the lack of repair of this defect by Apple so far, but in order to exploit this flaw would have to be on the other end that effectively reach to your iPhone, so it doesn’t seem as if it can someone do it remotely. You can take a look at the video below to see how to take advantage of this flaw.

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