A glimpse at the future through the Gitex week


There are fairs only a few in the region that big, and the week of GITEX for sure is highlighted. Not only is a platform for the most important government agencies of the gulf in the forefront of the UAE and Saudi Arabia to browse the latest reached from technology to serve the citizen, it is also a platform linking the remotest parts of the world in one place where the different states presented the latest findings in the field of modern technology.

Seen in Version 2018 and the state 38 week of GITEX for many events. Maybe one of them was a celebration of the company’s Japanese old Panasonic of the 100th anniversary of its founding. The company, which was also known as the National provided many, many wonderful products to consumers, from TVs and washing machines and other gadgets that changed our lives ever! and she’s still doing it. Of beautiful things also in the exhibition is that the company was a video of a brief talk about her vision until the year 2030 and how will you make our homes smarter than ever before. A lot of companies of consumer products participated in GITEX, including leading global firms such as BlackBerry and LG, Linksys, and many others.


But GITEX is not only a platform to showcase products to the consumer, it’s much bigger, and here we talk about technical solutions to many of business. As we mentioned earlier, there was availability for many of the states that has embraced its companies under one umbrella in the exhibition, and included many countries such as China and Russia and Canada and America and many others. Been presented many technical solutions for businesses, whether a software solution or electronic devices. Software solutions included many of the cloud computing services, including company Zoho Indian presented its platform of the famous software cloud accounting. Also there were many devices to submit requests at the restaurants and the large display or even a tablet small that allows people to browse menu and the like.

The government had a large balance in the stomach and specially designed to display their services to the electronic or so-called “Smart Government”. One of the most remarkable posts were roads and Transport Authority in UAE where the detected first taxi-driving. The Dubai Police had their parade special glossy of another type, where the display vehicle helicopter small it can ride by one of the members of the company. And this vehicle cruising at a speed of 96 km h and is made of fiber carbon, battery-powered and not fuel.


GITEX is not only a platform for giant corporations, it was also a chance the advent of for many startups and that was probably run by only one person. The knowledge of more than 750 startup companies or so-called بـStart Up, and was a large part of these companies started locally. Had me personally visit a number of them and see what they are working on it, and some involves under the platform of Inspire U with STC Saudi Arabia. And one of the projects funded was a company specializing in the publication fee anime and manga. And another company was offering the application of an e-commerce allows the purchase from the wholesale market. Startups from around the world, where I met a guy from Japan made to review their project and is a platform that social enterprises, and where the staff congratulating people who appreciate the extraordinary achievements and the company’s payment to the intermediaries financially, maybe.

Year after year, don’t lose exhibition GITEX fun for the audience, and also being a platform facing a very huge various technology companies from around the world. Many companies invest relationships that build through this exhibition and the many opportunities they discussed were to go in space and did not plan on their mind someday. A lot of including ideas, lessons learned and inspiration cross-platform projects future and emerging projects. We hope that we may share you some of them via social media to our email, and meet you, God willing, in the appropriate technical huge the next!

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