A German court preventing Apple from using the misleading statement after the ban of the iPhone

iPhone XS Max

In the month of December last year, a German court in favor of Qualcomm and ordered the Prohibition of the sale model of the iPhone affected the decision, including models of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 due to a dispute patent continuous between Qualcomm and Apple TV.

After the application of the ban, Apple released a statement regarding the ban, said that while it will stop selling models of the iPhone are affected in Germany, however, these models affected will remain available for purchase has more than 4300 distributors and company contacts in all parts of Germany.

Approved a committee of three judges of the German court that Apple remove the second part of the statement on the basis that it is likely to mislead consumers to believe that the 4300 distributed and connections were supplied with the iPhone banned.

” Press statement … is misleading because it contains statements that might be tricky, at least in respect to the availability of the goods, and models of the iPhone affected the world “.

This never happened in the United States, especially for the ” press release is misleading “. Anyway, consumer protection laws in Europe are much stricter than in the United States of America.

Before concluding, We would like to point out that it has been banned certain models of the iPhone in China in early December last year to be banned shortly afterwards in Germany. And the Prohibition of certain models of the iPhone in these two countries due to violation of Apple’s multiple patents belonging to Qualcomm. And also lately, that the dispute between Qualcomm and Apple TV is what caused the adoption of the Apple TV slow to offer 5G in iPhone, this is something that would hurt the sales of iPhone in the future.


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