A fierce attack of spam worry users of Gmail

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هجمة شرسة من الرسائل المزعجة تقلق مستخدمي بريد Gmail

Despite the superiority of the Google service in filtering spam with Gmail, but a lot of users have noted they recently received a lot of spam messages. He informed the users of the service of Gmail for receiving a torrent of ads which seems as if it was sent from their account.

Some expressed their concern and share many of the complaint on the help Forum Gmail, they said that the messages were sent from their personal accounts despite the challenge of their passwords and use also serve to secure e-mail last that had been provided by the company and is the property of “two-step verification” two-factor authentication is a great way to authenticate and confirm the identity of the user who tries to login to the account in addition to the use of the password, the application asks also enter the secret code generated by the device which is in the possession of the user associated with the account as a mobile phone such as.

He said some of the mail accounts their Gmail sending spam to several addresses that they don’t know it. And even he changed his password immediately, you notice the continuation of his mail to send those messages.

Uses the purveyors of spam email addresses false to make it look like the letters have been sent from the company contacts a Canadian called Telus, and even give up messages, tools to filter spam mail. Because the messages seem to have been sent from the same e-mail address of the user, says Gmail is automatically moved to the sent messages folder for the user.

For his part, stated the spokesman of the Google company’s campaign was annoying messages and was influenced by a limited number of users and that the company has already taken appropriate action to protect users from them. He also reassured the company’s users that their account hasn’t been hacked. The company advises the user to report any annoying message via the feature reporting the spam, and learn more about how to report spam via the Help Center Gmail.

It confirmed the company Telus that the messages did not apply of its servers, and they cooperate from the suppliers to solve the problem. Also advised not to reply to these messages or respond to them.

A fierce attack of spam worry users of Gmail

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