A distinctive and stunning version WhatsApp New

Revealed WhatsApp released new demo for Android, and contains some new features worth noting already, where it now allows you to post “share on Facebook” publish story via WhatsApp and Facebook with, there will be also a function of the “Add Contact” for QR WhatsApp as a timing tool Real to add new contacts.

Can both features as we hope to a stable version in the not too distant future, while arguably ad hoc mode at night or dark from the demands of the most important I have many users only to add contacts to the New quickly and accurately is an important requirement also, you may be adding the ability to publish the story of WhatsApp to your account Facebook is worthy of note to many who use the job short video and share photos.

Given that WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, this feature does not constitute a real surprise, so it would be good to be able to share Stories, WhatsApp, on Instagram also, we all hope to see it in the near future, it seems simple, where you can easily add a button under the section “my case” with a list of problems simple to post directly through Facebook.

Version WhatsApp New

إصدار WhatsApp الجديد يسمح لك بالمشاركة على فيسبوكVersion WhatsApp New allows you to share on Facebook

Has become this special feature Poitiers, August is already available for developers through the demo version of iOS for about six months, but it is still under development on Android, although it is worth emphasizing that this feature is not available to everyone yet for reasons of development, but once enabled will be available in WhatsApp via the QR code in the screen “profile” of your.

Will save a lot of time and effort to add new people to your contacts list, you may this feature is not available in the demo version selected WhatsApp only if you are running a version 2.19.15, as many experts predict participation features of Facebook and QR code at the establishment of a full application in the coming months.

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