A disappointment: Charlie Lee criticized the forks of Bitcoin Cash

In the last episode of the show Crypto Magical Friends among several of the most famous kriptonite there was an interesting discussion of the results of the hard forks of Bitcoin Cash. The discussion was attended by the Creator of Litecoin , Charlie Lee, CSO Blockstream Samson MOU, the main developer of Monero Ricardo Spanyi and trader Whale Panda.

We will remind, in result of division of the blockchain the Bitcoin Cash created two fork: SV Bitcoin and Bitcoin ABC. The developers of cryptocurrency sparked a war of Harrachov, during which BCHABC won the right to take a original Cash Bitcoin Ticker. It is noteworthy that this opposition is often called the main reason for the fall of Bitcoin below $ 6,000.

Why not hold hardforce

According to Charlie Lee, the efforts of Craig Wright and his team to steal the title of “real Bitcoins” was “a disappointment”. This idea was voiced immediately after the rest of the participants discussed the centralization of Bitcoin ABC, and the establishment of checkpoints and protection from the reorganization of the blockchain.

Checkpoints is a special time marks the blockchain. Standard clients in the network cryptocurrency will accept all transaction checkpoints. However, any attempt to make hardwork from the block to the established checkpoint will be rejected. In other words, the checkpoint forever “perpetuates” the previous blocks.

Source: Bitcoinist

Now the checkpoints are not used, although they were present at the dawn of the history of Bitcoin and Litecoin. Ricardo’s Spanyi and Do not consider the idea of using checkpoints useful. According to them, the teams of the two forks of the Bitcoin Cash ought to work more on updates to their projects.

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