A deep look at the bleeding Samsung in the market of phones available

It seems that Samsung which is considered the throne of the biggest smartphone manufacturers-after Nokia’s fall resounding in big trouble.

Next to the suffering of the Samsung phones leading which bring in many profits by 2018, it turns out won’t order another with the end of the year: Samsung download in the Battle of the phones available.

The current situation

Maybe you don’t want to believe that Samsung is losing control of the pace of the growing market for phones because the company does not provide official figures on the sales, but the company and the head Company International Data agree on lower shipments of Samsung phones after the slight improvement experienced by the second quarter of 2017 – after the launch of the Galaxy Note 8, as police arrested down the sales of the Galaxy S9 in early 2018.

After the second quarter of 2018, the amount of cash that has seen his share of Samsung in the phone market is estimated at 13.4% in one year, although the Korean giant is still the biggest smart phone manufacturer, agrown up problem facing Samsung is losing it in the category of phones available low as the suspension of International Data Corporation.

Challenge competitors

Why can’t Samsung to compete in the market of phones available? The problem is twofold: the fierce competition from the likes of OnePlus share one, and that hit the lineup Galaxy A for 2018; and even more interesting that came out some phones, such as camera Galaxy A9 quartet, was not a sufficient quality based on the reviews.

Series Galaxy A against OnePlus upon

Galaxy (A8 (2018

Was series Galaxy A exciting a year ago, despite their relatively high price, the enjoyment of glass design a sleek, water resistance and which were misses them. most phones last. The lineup for the 2018 movie enjoyed by government money and failed to provide the new features are supported, at the same time, which made the Chinese phones leading –processor Snapdragon 845– the same price or less.

Upon F1

Here’s a look at the comparison upon the flagship with the Galaxy A8 average..

Admittedly, the pope is not a traditional telephone, but paid Shawty, mainly in the Western markets to promote its rival in the category of flagship phones, but what about the OnePlus 6T for 10 and the rest of the phones from the same category of price?

OnePlus 6T

We also find that competitors are offering much better options than the Samsung phones available.. although we believe that the specifications on paper are not expressive about the experience of general use, but compared to telephone average Telephone Pioneer can imagine the results on paper; here’s a look about the specification of Galaxy A9 and rival of the same price OnePlus 6T:

Once again, we note that Samsung does not have a suitable phone the OnePlus with the latest Android system and powerful camera.

It’s not about the specs, the range of phones to class low reached in 2018 change in a modern system such as development gestures within the interface changes a serious improvement great battery life or camera quality, or both, while the Samsung phones available to Low-didn’t offer anything remarkable in this aspect at all. Indeed, the system of gestures has not yet officially phones leading.

Of course, the system of gestures is not a problem of the inability of competition in itself but is part of one of the biggest problems — updating software system that delayed his arrival in Samsung phones category-leading and non-secured phones available, at the same time, which increases competitors –most famously Nokia– of number of Phones program Android Wen which brings the latest updates to the system in the raw image, stylish and easy to use.

Return Samsung

Of course, it’s hard to believe that this is the end of Samsung, which company owns the resources of the Korean giant can come back to compete strongly.

Must set Samsung its priorities in the medium category and focus on it, despite the proven splendor of Super AMOLED screen on the phones available, I speed performance that affect the usability experience overall. And for the camera should focus on the quality of the result rather than the number of cameras. Finally, speeding up software updates and clarification to support its devices for a reasonable period (two to three years) of the system updates.

At the same time, must Samsung to differentiate its phones the leading from the middle in a smart, especially since it has become easy to note what is offered by rivals the likes of the OnePlus One upon.

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