A decline in revenues of Apple and the iPhone declining by 15% while revenue iPad

هبوط في إيرادات آبل ومبيعات آيفون تتراجع بنسبة 15% بينما ترتفع إيرادات آيباد

Apple unveiled about its financial results for the first quarter of 2019, which starts from October until 31 December, has seen the company’s revenues decline by 5% of those revenues in the first quarter of last year, to 84.3 million this year with Net Profit of 19.97$ million.

The interesting thing in the results of Apple has been the decline of sales of iPhone increased by 15% from the first quarter of the previous year, despite the increase of the company’s revenues from products increased by 19%, which means they achieved a rise in sales of their other organs such as the Mac and as well as smart home devices, which has seen a rise of 9% and 33%, respectively. In the proportion of revenue from iPads to 17%, but this does not mean increasing the number of units sold as much as it is a guide on the size of the income thereof, where the price rose significantly in recent versions and thus linked to the income margin.

As expected, the company was able to achieve a new record for income from services, where she managed to reach 10.9 billion Any as a rise of 19% from the same period last year.

The company said it was able to achieve cash flow strong during the first quarter of last year’s $ 26.7 million contributed by its nice value 4.18$ earnings per share.

In the same context, the published Apple TV its forecast on for the second fiscal quarter revenues reach between 55 million and 59 million, with a growth of between 37% and 38%.

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