A day| the birth of the giant IBM and the disclosure of the first computer the electronic launch of the first satellite, GPS modern

Falls on February 14, the anniversary of the birth of the giant of technology and the computer industry American, IBM IBM.

In 1924, renamed the company “dialog-tab-label” Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company into IBM, the IBM, where the company was founded in June 1911, and expanded its work to cover their products nearly 177 countries in the world, which is achieving an annual return is currently approaching $ 80 million!

On 14 February 1946, was unveiled to the computer “in” the ENIAC, at the University of Pennsylvania, which is considered the first computer fully electronic, compared with the previous hardware, which was adopted on the design of Electrical and mechanical.

It was the “In” able to do 5 thousands of operations per second, i.e. faster, by about 1000 times of the respective devices, and the computer “in the” area of 140 square meters approximately, it weighed 30 tons, and used 18 a tube emptying vacuum tube in the industry.

On 14 February 1989, was launched the first satellite services, global positioning GPS, which is the first in a system of 24 satellites known as “Block 2” Block-II, form today the Global Positioning System GPS which we know.

On 14 February 1876, and patented the telephone (the telephone), but the costs of that innovation record two people in the same day and separately, the first Alexander Graham Bell, and the second, Elisha Gray, and there erupted a long argument about the true inventor of the phone, and began a long legal battle, ended in the possession of Graham Bell for this area.

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