A day| Microsoft believe Windows 3.11 and”leap year” give the device its Zune

On this day, December 31, 1993, Microsoft has released the Microsoft version number 3.11 of the operating system by Windows, after it conducted an update to the limited version of Windows 3.1.

Became this version is the last stable Windows by version Microsoft for the Windows operating system Windows 95 in August 1995.

But on December 31, wearing a Anniversary of bad with Microsoft, in this day of 2008, Microsoft was hit a wave of criticism from the owners of devices running multimedia “Zune” Zune, a CD player and portable media made by Microsoft in the large commercial media included the program digital media works on Windows and Clash of musical known as “Zone name” and to broadcast music and video to the Xbox 360 and other.

Informed users of devices “Zun” on the Give and its refusal to restart, Microsoft announced that the reason is an error in the program operation of the internal clock with respect to the way in which it treats its machine leap years, and that the problem will resolve on its own by the first day of the New Year 2009, if the users are consuming your device’s battery and re adjust Reset on this day.

It was luck Microsoft is bad, they have started Apple phones Apple iPhone iPhone, in its renaissance, which has dominated the market, I turned attention to the innovations of the company led by Steve Jobs successfully, while Microsoft confirmed that it will issue an update for your “zone”, so that doesn’t speak of the holiday with the leap year rule 2012, but that by 2012 it wasn’t for your “zone” object, I stopped the Microsoft produced!

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