A day| Apple tablet iPad James Clark leave, “Silicon Graphics” version of the Netscape

On this day, 27 January 2010, Apple unveiled the Apple from the tablet innovative (tablet) iPad, which authorized the end of the era of the personal computer PC, and to become the most important pivot points in the history of computing.

And Apple’s tablet iPad in the markets by April 3 of the same year, has sold of 360 million units, feet released from the device until now 17 version, the most recent iPad Pro iPad Pro, which was released on October 30, 2018, and running iOS 12.

On 27 January 1994, he left Jim Clark, co-founder of “Silicon Graphics” Silicon Graphics, to start a company, “Mosaic communications” Mosaic Communications, which later became “Netscape Communications” Netscape Communications.

Subscribe to all of Jim Clark and Mark ones in the development of the web browser “Netscape” Netscape, which contributed to the increase in popularity of the internet globally by making the browser free to users.

On 27 January 1967, killing astronauts Gus Grissom, Edward White and Roger chafe in a fire while testing their spacecraft at the Kennedy Space Center.

After the disaster of the fire, and after the failure of the planned launch of the spacecraft, and the death of the astronauts, was launched the name “Apollo 1” Apollo 1.

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